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restaurant advisory

We provide restaurants with an advisory service aimed at improving the bottom line. This service provides expert insights and recommendations based on various aspects of restaurant operations.

Market scan & strategic advice
Analysis of the competitive environment and the current market trends leading to informed strategic decisions.


Menu design & optimisation

Improving menu profitability and pricing strategies.


Ambiance enhancement
Evaluating lighting, décor, artwork, music and overall ambiance to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that resonates with the customers.


Cost reducing strategies
eview current cost structure and come up with recommendations to improve efficiency.


Data driven solutions
Refining the tech stack of restaurants leading to data driven solutions through associated tech companies.


Floor plan optimisation

Analysis of a restaurant’s layout to maximise space utilisation, and streamline customer flow.


Operational efficiency

Assess restaurant processes, staff allocation, and inventory management to identify areas for improvement.


Supply chain optimisation 

Evaluate supplier relationships, pricing strategies, and procurement methods to ensure cost-effective and reliable/responsible sourcing of supplies.


Branding & positioning
Tailored advice for restaurants helping them effectively position and brand themselves in the market and stand out among competitors.



Evaluation of communication strategies looking at social media, website design, and newsletter usage.


Service delivery

Reevaluating the service standards and implementing updated service delivery methods.


Staff recruitment

Advice and guidance on the recruitment of key players.

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