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about H

Founded in 2005, H-Hospitality is a team of dedicated young professionals that want to make a difference in the hospitality industry. Our spirit is entrepreneurial and we have a passion for hospitality in the broadest sense.


We approach the restaurant, bar and hotel business from three main angles; the conceptual, investment and operational angle, all equally important. Conceptually our approach starts with the market orientation, followed by concept creation, branding, interior design and operational execution. Our hotel investment activities concentrate on feasibility studies, deal making, business optimization and asset management. Our operational expertise helps many of our clients to fine-tune and improve their business.


From our office in Amsterdam we oversee the European, Middle Eastern and African markets. Our clients are business and real estate owners, investors, operators and developers.

core values

Relevant and feasible
Our projects are financially feasible and tailored to the demands of the market

We embrace creativity and innovation in all aspects of our work, pushing boundaries to deliver groundbreaking hospitality concepts.


Committed to environmentally and socially responsible practices, we integrate sustainability into the design, operation, and execution of our projects.


We are fueled by a genuine passion for hospitality, ensuring that every project reflects our commitment to the industry.


Striving for excellence in every project, we are dedicated to delivering environments that 
delight our clients and their guest.

We believe in the power of collaboration, fostering a culture where diverse perspectives come together to create workable solutions.


Continuous learning
Committed to learning and growth, we encourage our team to stay curious, adapt to industry trends, and constantly enhance their skills.

Tech and data
We keep abreast with technology, utilizing data-driven insights, optimizing business performance and stay ahead of the curve.

brand promise

H-Hospitality is a solution orientated concept and design studio specializing in restaurants, bars and hotels.

We deliver inspiring environments that are operationally sound, within budget and on time.Our one stop approach, from research to opening, promises a hassle free development process.

Want to talk about your hospitality space?

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